Tuesday, September 17, 2013

know that this is me

i have always wondered what this flower really is...but by the name itself, it sounds like very me. so rare, so strong, so attention-getter. Don't get me wrong. I do not mean this is how other people find me. This is simply my own personal assessment of myself. I know I am unique and there is something about my uniqueness. pretty soon, you too will be very curious about me. Hold on! I am about to unleash myself but just wait. right now, i am still a simple, daring and vibrant wildflower growing in its most comfortable zone and of course, wanting to get out of that zone. so i grow just anywhere! i grow when I am with you, i grow when I am with someone else, I grow when I am with anyone else...No one can stop me from growing. and like a wildflower, i grow even when no one helps me grow. because in my own little way, i learn from my mistakes. i learn from everything around me. i learn from every minute detail of my life.

yes, I am wild...I am free...and I am simply me! you can't change me so all you've got to do is LIKE me. hah! take note, you can't even prune me down because no matter how much effort you would do to have me withered, i will always find a way to grow and grow and flourish. so you better watch out!

to my detractors, i pity you! it's so sad that you have to step on my shoes just to help yourself up on a pedestal but you are pretty mistaken there...just one false move and that pedestal where you think you are right now, will soon collapse...i am so sorry for you! 

look down, watch out for me as i grow beautifully anywhere around the garden!

So don't you ever dream of making me stay in a garden nor place me inside a pot. 
I am simply unstoppable so be careful!